Monday, June 26, 2006



Well, I finally got my new Dell Axim to operate the way I think it should. Well, so far so good this week.

Basically, I had to rebuild the entire software set. Dell believes that several legacy software systems actually significantly and dramatically affect the performance of Windows Mobile devices. So, I reinstalled everything and slowly started to put on third party applications. What I miss most is Norton Antivirus for Handhelds.

Next, I installed the Broadcom Bluetooth stack on the device. The native Bluetooth stack is horrible. In fact it will only receive signals and won’t send or allow you to send phone numbers or the like to a cell phone. The old Bluetooth stack is a little slower than the new one. But, on the upside, the new stack does ACTUALLY work!

Most people on the Aximsite seem very upset with Dell and Microsoft for choosing to license software that clearly took two steps backward. I completely agree.

Now, for the bad news. I’ve started to notice that boot time is starting to increase. It may be a matter of time before I’m forced to rebuild the system, yet again!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Drip, Drip, Drip

When I came home from work I replaced the valve mechanism inside one of our toilets. The valve was broken and water was occasionally dripping from the top of the unit. A constant drip would echo through the house, especially at night. This task posed no great challenge except that my wife had just put one of those dye tablets in the tank. I had to get all that out before I could get the water out. Anyhow, I traded everything out and it worked exactly like it was supposed to without a single drip inside or out.

As I was sleeping later that night, my wife told me that I the water wouldn’t shut off in the kitchen. I could hear the water running, so I woke up and turned off the water at the main, to keep the water from running all night. When I woke up, it occurred to me that the rubber seals likely had been cut or were not working in some way. I took the faucet apart, replaced the faulty parts, put everything back together, turned on the water, and everything worked fine.

This really isn’t worth writing. However, I always feel very good when I do a pluming project. I spent lots of time watching my Dad fix pipes. I’m not close to as talented as he was. But every time I undertake a project like this…even a simple project… I feel a certain family pride. I feel that my Dad knows and is happy. It’s odd, but these minor events that make me think about my Dad always makes me happy to have been his son, and sad that he’s no longer with us.

Not my best post…but really what was on my mind as we approach Father’s Day.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

One Moore Time

One Moore Time

A friend of mine asked me to weigh in on the Dayton Moore hiring. When the Royals hired Dayton Moore as their General Manager, people throughout the region started to envision a return glory.

First question. Where is it written that the Royals MUST hire General Managers with a bizarre first name? I mean, Dayton follows Allard (who many Royals fans call “Alan” to this day). Allard followed Herk. Herk? I’ve never met anyone named “Herk.” Of course, G.M.s John and Joe in Kansas City managed to put together World Series contenders. In all fairness, Cedric was the master architect of the Royals success. But I have met other people named Cedric. For the record, apart from the town in Ohio, I’ve never heard of “Dayton.” I’m concerned.

Its funny, and this isn’t revisionist history, but I remember having a sinking feeling when John Schuerholz left the Royals. It turns out my hunch was right. Kansas City looks at Atlanta and wonders what could have been. I don’t know if that is fair. But this obsession with Schuerholz is not healthy.

A few years later after he left, I remember Schuerholz talking about trades. To paraphrase, he said, some go good and some go bad. He recounted trading David Cone for Ed Hearne as a bad trade. However, he glowed about trading for a starting right fielder that turned in an All-Star season for a prospect (Jermaine Dye for Michael Tucker). KC was so inept that we gave away Dye, who would later be a World Series MVP. So, in Schuerholz’s win some, lose some story…the Royals lost both times!

Allard Baird was not horrible. I mean, he did screw up the Jermaine Dye trade. He chose to “lock up” Mike Sweeny instead of Carlos Beltran (Murphy’s law). But could he have done much better given this support? I really don’t think so.

My fear is that Schuerholz is giving us another Jermaine Dye. What does that mean? I think Moore will be great. I think he has the potential to restore the Royals to glory. However, I fear that he won’t be a winner until he moves on. Just like Jermaine Dye.