Thursday, October 20, 2005

Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights

With a hurricane creeping closer to Miami, the NFL decided to move the Chiefs/Dolphins game from Sunday to Friday night. I do not know, but it seems that there just was not a good answer to this problem.

Moving to the game to Kansas City did not seem to be in the cards this time. In a previous season, the NFL moved a San Diego home game to Arizona due to potential wildfire complications. However, this year, NFL has taken serious grief over the New Orleans “home” game that was recently played in New York. The idea of giving Miami a “home” game in Kansas City certainly would not have sat well with the rest of the AFC, especially since the Dolphins play so poorly away from Miami and Kansas City cannot win a game in Florida!

So, I’ll be home early on Friday to see the Chiefs play. We will see what happens.

How do I feel about the Chiefs this year? I am not as bullish as I was a few weeks ago. Although I think that the defense has improved enough to no longer be a liability, the offensive production has declined a bit. The offense needs to score twenty-eight points (or more) and keep the chains moving with first downs. The Chiefs need to win the time of position battle. If the offense has too many three-and-outs, they expose the defense. I guess my point is that the Chiefs new defense can hold their own…by should never be expected to “win” the game.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

I never thought I'd be doing THAT when I went to Library School!

I never thought I’d be doing THAT when I went to Library School!

I know one of the most common topics for conversation among recent graduates of any Masters in Library Science program is the, “I never thought I’d be doing (fill in the blank) when I decided to become a librarian.”

I know that the first time I taught a class for MU in Public Librarianship, I actually dedicated a small section to basic office equipment troubleshooting (how to change toner, clear a paper jam, even plunge a toilet) because you ACTUALLY need to know these things in many public libraries, along with the Dewey Decimal System!

One thing that MCPL does is that when it is time to recarpet a library, the senior administration, along with other specific employees, go to the library, clear the furniture and move the ranges so the old carpet may be removed and new carpet put down. You may have read my entry about my broken PDA. That occurred when we were out recarpeting the Raytown branch library.

For all my complaining about the practice, it does serve a real purpose. Certainly, involving the senior administration allows the employees to see that we are not willing to do anything we do not ask them to do. In fact, we are willing to subject ourselves to much more physically straining activity than we ask them to undertake. It also provides direction. I mean, if the library’s executive director is there saying, “put this range here” whose going to argue? Of course, there are negatives. For instance, by having the five most highly compensated employees acting as manual laborers, it does not make the enterprise very cost-effective!

Perhaps the thing that makes recarpeting very doable was our purchase (several years ago) of range movers. These devices actually link together, attach to library shelves so you can easily wheel the range (books and all) to another part of the building. Typically, we will compress the library ranges, creating a large area for the people to remove the old carpet and to put down the new carpet. Then, we will go back and move the ranges on to the newly carpeted area to open up more space. Finally, after several days of shuffling the ranges, we place them back where they belong.

In the past two months, we have been involved in recarpeting two locations. My back is killing me! But I’m not alone. All the senior administration is really aching if not outright injured! Certainly, one thing I can say. When I decided to go away to library school, I never thought I’d be part of a furniture moving team several time a year!