Sunday, June 17, 2007

Midwest Airlines

Midwest Airlines

I'm not real happy about the pending hostile takeover of Midwest Airline by AirTran. Midwest Airlines has a very interesting business model. In essence, they have developed a business model that differentiates themselves from other air carriers. It isn't about cheap tickets. It is about comfort and service. In fact, some Midwest customers have said that they would gladly pay a premium for the better service and better travel experience. Count me among those customers. Given the choice, I will always fly Midwest.

What bothers me about AirTran's bid for Midwest is that they have made it clear that, if they are successful with their takeover, that they will eliminate Midwest's business model, cram as many seats on the planes as possible, and kill a once great airline and magnificent civic partner. Oh, they have promised to keep Midwest's chocolate chip cookies! That's a nice tradeoff. Tell you what AirTran, you can keep the cookies, if you retain the Midwest's seating configuration.

It seems very clear to me that AirTran's strategy is just to get Midwest's gates and routes. They don't care about the service or the traveler's experience. Remember, despite the name change, AirTran is the same airline (called ValueJet at that point) that blew up an airplane full of travelers by dangerously transporting oxygen tanks as a way to squeeze more profit from the company.

Please sign the "Save The Cookie" petition and try to save Midwest Air.